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Feature of Mohammed Hamim

Recently, Mohammed Hamim's work was chosen as "Best Entries" in the April 3rd Themed Prompt Challenge: "Journey Through Imagination" and the May 20th "Anything Friday" offering on our ILA Magazine Facebook Group. "Imagination" An eleven letter word doesn't properly let me
Be happy-go-lucky and and always in glee
Dancing in my vision, stimulating my heart
To be sophisticated and not to escape apart
Let me emancipate, to be righteous and expert.

I've been kept in your tight fence and cage
Don't tear my wings and obliterate my early age
Let me emancipate, to be on good direction
Let me grow great by dreams with depression
And let my imagination grasp my destination

© Mohammed Hamim (J. Kyaw Than Naing) I Endure Heartache

Life has various kinds of waves
Some are like transverse waves;
Keep successively propagating, Neither arduous barriers nor betrayal
Even inundate the coastal areas.

Some are like longitudinal waves;
Keep going along a direction
Not having properly, keep going forth
Realizing with its forcefulness
Not even taking a proper glimpse.

You brimmed my heart with
Insufferable woe and heartache
What have I done or executed wrongly?
Let there be a graceful place,
Like transverse waves, to get drenched
In your love, affection, courtesy and tranquility.

© Mohammed Hamim (J. Kyaw Than Naing)

Feature of Mohammed Hamim
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