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Dingle, Denouement and Espy

On the 21st of July, we asked poets to use their "MERAKI", by creating a poem applying the words, dingle, denouement and espy. We offer challenges from time to time (sometimes weekly, usually monthly), as it keeps the mind flowing and preventing "writer's block" from infiltrating the brain. We chose 5 "Best Entries" out of 20 to be published here, on our blog, each poem written in a style all their own yet quite delightful. Life's Poetry

Yonder is a chasm hidden by a dingle
one can espy with either bliss or ease
the rhymes mingle with the nuances' tingle
sending shivers like a lover's stolen kiss.

The cadence of words leap from the pages
mixed reflections and hues of sages
Poetry has its share of excitement
after the climax peeps shy denouement.

© Rosemarie Miranda
Philippines Suddenly I espied
A host of tiny flowers
Of the sundry hues

Roseate, pinks and blues
White, crimson and red
Blossomed in the dingle

The more I gazed
With a fondling soul
The more they bloomed

The jovial denouement
Of a springtime dale.

© Safdar Bhatti
Pakistan GOD'S CREATION Finding a panacea of solitary loneliness
In the harbor of dingle mindfulness
Is it serendipity that I found a shadow of love
In this galactic space of southern land
Where I espy a glorious aurora strand
Gorgeously emitting behind the corridor of the dell
Blossoming like a plethora of yellow bells
A marvelous denouement of God's creation from the beginning.

© Leah Dancel
Australia Adventure

From remote place of the dingle province
Dreamt to be a star and ambitious to be a thespian
She espy on her eye her parents' action
The runaway to the city of fabulous lights.

There she was a struggling country neophyte
She tried her best to be successful in life
She planned one day to go home with pride
To show her decision a denouement of what she left.

© Vincent A. Valdez Jr.
Canada Oh, My Dear Muse

Oh lethargy! away from my spirit!
These four walls is killing my wit.
Oh my dear muse, where have ye gone?
Espy my state, and help me go on.

Deliver me to a scene, so surreal
Carry my thoughts to some valley or dingle
As long as I have somebody to mingle
So, my denouement, in transcendence I settle.

© Mildred Par

Dingle, Denouement and Espy
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