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Colorful Hub

Life is a Colorful hub!
Sometimes fussy,
Sometimes prismatic verses.
All must be aware about the part,
The crimson red of golden heart.
It's pride to scatter love,
To all creations of ALMIGHTY's arts.

The golden ray of sunshine,
Shows the reflection of beautiful mind.
Without making any comment,
Open the eyes of beholder.
Everything is colorful,
If you feel from deepest core.
The part of lively life!

The blue color of azure's hub,
Shows us the vast canvas.
When you feel so sad,
Deepest blue is in your senses.
Bluish ocean forgets to dance,
Life turns to a deserted lane.
Still a hope is peeping as golden ray!

Whether blue, black or red -
Whether pink, yellow or whitish shades -
All colors play an important role,
To express your mighty soul.
Don't forget dear all,
Life is a majestic plot.
Cherish, each colorful part, overall.

© Afrose Saad
Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Colorful Hub
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