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Book Feature:

"Yearlong Flames of Yearnings"

Tuesday, August 29, 2023 Collaborating Authors:

HARSH SHARMA is an author of adventure, romantic, spiritual, and inspirational poems.
He earned a Bachelor and a Master of Arts degree in English Literature at Pandit Deendayal
Upadhay Shekhawati University in Rajasthan. Harsh speaks Hindi, English, Bengali and Nepali.
He writes poems in English and in Hindi. Some of his Hindi poems were published in Dainik
Bhaskar (a newspaper in India). His English Poems were published in International Anthologies:
'The Metaphors of Life', and 'Warm Tea on a Rainy Day' by Poetry Planet; 'Saving the World One
Poem at a Time', 'All I want for Christmas' and 'I Love You to the Moon and Back' by McKinley
Publishing Hub.

When not writing, he can be found painting imagery, pondering over spirituality, chanting couplets
(Mantras) of Vedas, and/or conducting writing workshops for youth. He was able to sell some of his
artworks while in Varanasi, Uttar, Pradesh, and one was published in a Filipino anthology, ' Hiling Sa
Pasko', by McKinley Publishing Hub. He loves to read books about philosophy and astrology. His
philosophical views are mostly evident in his poems. He believes that poetry can transform this world
into heaven. He has lived in Kathmandu, Nepal during his childhood. He was born and is currently
with his parents in Rajasthan, India. JACQUELINE VILLOSO-VENTO is an author of adventure, fictional, romantic, spiritual, and inspirational poems.
She graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Biology and has also acquired a Certificate in Teaching
Proficiency at Philippine Normal University in Manilla and is a Licensed Professional Teacher. She is currently
taking up Master of Arts in Education major in Science at President Ramon Magsaysay University in Iba, Zambales.

She works for the Department of Education (DepEd) as a Junior High School Science Teacher based in La Paz
National High School, San Narciso, Zambales. Some of her poems were published in international anthologies:
' Beautiful Verses', a multilingual anthology by the Progressive Literary and Cultural Society of India,
' The Metaphors of Life', and 'Warm Tea on a Rainy Day' by Poetry Planet; 'Saving the World One Poem at a Time',
'All I Want for Christmas' and 'I Love You to the Moon and Back by McKinley Publishing Hub; and two Filipino
anthologies, and two Filipino anthologies, 'Hiling Sa Araw ng Pasko and Walang Forever'; 'Pero May Climate Change' , also by McKinley Publishing Hub.

She is also a contributor of the soon to be published 'Inked with Passion'. She is one of the administrators of two
international poetry groups: Self Published x Movement and Global Poetic Legacy (where she is one of the group
experts), and serves as a reviewer in another international poetry group: Chaucer's Square. She is also a certified writer of DepEd Division-based Learning Activity Sheets and Guided Learning Activity Kits.

JACQUELINE loves reading romantic, suspense, thriller, crime fiction, mystery and conspiracy novels. She was
born in Imus City and is currently residing with her family in ZAMBALES, PHILIPPINES. Book Synopsis by Harsh Sharma:

'YEARLONG FLAMES OF YEARNINGS' conveys philosophical, satirical and psychological messages to all its readers. This collaborative literary work encourages us to adopt the tiny aspects of nature. It keeps us away from all worldly evils and fascinates to flutter up like a butterfly in the world of fantasy. Moreover, connecting us to modern times as well as the reality of life.

The glimpses of romance and true love can be seen in this book, heroic couplets and colloquial language compel to follow the truth of love. The book emphasizes upon the inner beauty rather than the outer one. It depicts the vivid imagery and symbols for the purity of soul. This book drives the readers from material to spiritual journeys. The readers encounter mysterious islands on the boat of optimism.

It enlightens humanity and liberates it from intellectual and moral imprisonment. It holds up to its readers, a faithful mirror of manner and of life. It gives pleasure and wisdom. it is ever-accompanied with pleasure and it lifts the veil from the hidden secrets and beauties of the world. Its primary purpose is to focus on revealing the humanity that is apparently concealed from people.

'YEARLONG FLAMES OF YEARNINGS' can be found on Amazon

Paperback Black and White

Paperback Colored

Hardcover Premium Colored Editor's Note:

Though I have not purchased the authors' book, I must mention from what I've read, Harsh Sharma and Jacqueline Villoso-Vento have written on great topics that never fail to captivate the hearts and ignite the souls. Through imagery, they are able to glimpse the divine nature of romance, emotion, spirituality, humanity, life and love, forces that shape our very existence. Surely, this book, in the hands of readers, will encourage to embrace exhilaration in pensive moments, for in these moments, and in this day and age, you may catch glimpses of something quite extraordinary.

Book Feature:
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