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O' God !
Give m the things
I always cherished for
The food for the hungry belly,
The roof to the homeless many
The clothes to the deprived
Suffering bitterly in chilly cold
The peace of mind for the restless souls
Love to the lovely but poor hearts
Devoid of love and harmony

O' God !
Glory be to You and Your rule !
You assume the absolute stratus
You make the wind blow
The water flows following You
The poetry of earth goes on ever
The leaves hung and dance merrily
The wings flap and flatter joyfully
Soaring higher and higher
Deep into the azure sky
With its unlimited bounty and beauty
When You make the depressed smile
The crippled and the lame walk
And lead a glorious life
Making life's uphill journey successfully

O' God !
You and Your sunshine dazzle
Your name and fame glitter
The divine bliss shines brighter and brighter
With every spectacular show You display
Your silvery raindrops
The twinkling stars
The floating patches of clouds
The planets revolving on their axes
Do go as You wish
And Your glory overflows far and wide gloriously

O' God ! You exist in every iota of the life and the lifeless
In every little cell You rule
Your incarnation in any form
Your manifestation in every way
Sings Your glory unbound

Save, O' Savior!
Protect O' Protector!

Humanity is wounded more and more
Love is handicapped in this mundane world
Peace is shattered into pieces
Harmony is choked and feeling breathless

Come out of Your ambush, O' God!
The World needs You
And Your timely intervention
Before it perishes!


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