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At Least in a Dream

You flew into my dream as a dear guest.
I'm looking for you on the stone lookouts,
on the castle walls and flower terraces...
I wonder where you disappeared,
when my hands are still warm
from your touch...
Come on, show yourself,
to see you at least in a dream!
Go down the ancient stairs, peek behind some famous bust,
emerge from the waterfall...
Don't play with my heart anymore,
this is too much for me, after all...
I'm out of breath while, looking for you,
I walk the streets full of tourists.
I hear your heartbeat
still close to my breasts...
I don't want to wake up
without seeing your eyes,
without feeling the touch of your lips.
Why are awakenings
the worst after a breakup?
Awake, I miss you the most,
awake, I'm most aware of what I have lost.

© Selma Kopic

At Least in a Dream
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