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Ancient Living Poet

© Written by Fibby Bob Kinney, USA. At the age of eighty five,
I may be one of the oldest published poets, alive.
With a total of sixteen books in print.
A plethora of poems and stories as just a hint.

Three anthologies bear my poems;
In with other fine poets I do roam.
Seventy forums with my poems on display;
I write a poem or fairytale every day.

How many authors in the world today,
Have lived beyond fourscore with their words on display.
A handful for sure have reached this goal.
A lifetime of writing stories and poems told.

One thing that I know for sure;
My body and mind did endure.
A steep climb up the mountain slope;
With both pain and pleasure to cope.

Still, at this grand age of golden years,
I feel happy and confident with my younger peers.
There is a camaraderie we share with ease;
As poets and authors we aim to please.

My mind and body have aged well.
Some even say, that I look swell.
All my faculties are still in good shape;
For an ancient age, I am top rate.

What then, is the answer to this rhyme?
To the reaper's wrath it is to yet my time.
So many poems swim the ocean in my brain.
Words as stories upon my pen do reign.

Who knows what lies in the future ahead?
The thought of the beyond I do not dread.
All I know is I am here right now;
To publish poems and stories that fate will allow.

To my fellow writers I send this wish.
At creativity's banquet, talent is the main dish.
Let us all feast on the hunger of thought.
To the table of reality that our books are brought. Fibby Bob Kinney was chosen as "Shining Star" for the Month of September for his wonderful poetry he has shared on our Facebook Group and for beautiful interactions he lovingly mingles with feedback toward his fellow poets and artists.

Ancient Living Poet
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