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A Visit to the Mall

© By Rakesh Chandra The evening glittered with multicolored lights
Inside the mall, so big and expanded that
Could even rival the boundaries of human heart;
the shops along with mini showrooms there,
Dazzled the view of thronging populace, so
Much so that the vicious backlog of fears
and frustrations were washed away from the dustbin,
called mind

People of all ages, young and old, were entering and
departing through a circuitous route; Though really tired from within,
they came here to buy something from the shops,
and also eat snacks or sip a cup of coffee,
by sitting inside the food court
many of them opted for window shopping, assessing
the worth of every item critically, and
Making a note on their mental slate;
The masked mannequins, some of them headless
even standing motionless, are adept
in hiding their feelings

Girlfriend-boyfriend, husband and wife,
mother and father and many others,
visited the place to enjoy the day and be happy
in a place where everyone is busy
in his own pursuits. People were laughing
and talking endlessly, forgetting the time -
They look contented even if finding themselves
unable to purchase the valuable factory-made goods,
enchanting works of artisans, and what-not

The children mirthfully took the joy-ride
on a minibus and the toy trains, propelled by battery,
traversing in the open space between many times,
leaving the journey unfulfilled after
Their parents cajoled and coerced umpteen times.
They were promised the ice-cream cones and cups
of various tastes and flavors, besides chocolates and
Uncle Chips

The visit ended with the movie show, running
into the multiplex, situated inside the mall.
The moments of multiple amusements then
came to close finally. The countdown has begun
for the next outing in a bigger and different mall
someday, in a not-so-distant future.

A Visit to the Mall
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