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A Smorgasbord of Visual Arts

Paintings, photography, pencil sketch chosen as "Best Entries" chosen from an offering our Facebook group offered on July 9th. Art by Imran Kashmiri of Pakistan. Title: "Love and Distance" Art by Jurine Garcia of Philippines. Materials: Sketch pad and pencil
Title: "Fushigi Yuugi Byakko" Delicate and warmhearted photography of Amaka Igwe from Lagos, Nigeria
Portrait of a Bonda (Tribe) Mother and her infant, painted by Artist Kalucharan Sahu
from Odisha, India. Photography snapshot of backyard, taken with an Android phone by Jaynobo Jaymes. A raw and natural photograph of a bitten apple, titled "A 'Fruit' of My Fertile Imagination", a "BIT OF HUMOR", by Gus Perez Amio, his wishes for wanting to own an "apple gadget" "The Wild Coast", Impasto Acrylic on Canvas, painted by Writer/Artist, Amitabh Mitra. Painting of Tiger by Artist Suzette Portes San Jose

A Smorgasbord of Visual Arts
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