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A Blending of Poems and Quotes

AND ON SEEING YOU Ha...with a heavy, subdued sigh!
how else could I fervently feel you,
lest with a deep breath taken beneath.
Let me relieve and rejuvenate my -being!

I am happy with the happy hormones,
being liberal in their thoughtful mood,
the jest, zeal and the enthusiasm in high spirits,
what else, let me bask in the beauty of joy!

With the beauty of bliss in mind,
being blissful with that of beatitude,
how could I resist myself with beauty?
how wouldn't I fall in love with you?!

With this very truthful thought hovering in my heart,
how could this versifier conceal within his conscience!

Bangalore, India

Artists as in be aware of what's right for you,
rather get caught in a cobweb of emotional lust.

Poets please refrain from nefarious acts of people,
who try to befriend you, even in the disguise of poets.

Every Artist wants to prove himself in versatile verses,
Don't fall as a prey and become a vulnerable victim.

Poets are sensitive and sensible souls to the core,
Be judicious with new associates and acquaintances!

Love is a lovable feeling to feel, to own and to shower,
On to others rather than an act of lust or a deceitful deed

Don't get confused with lust, with that of love
and don't opine with unknown minds what you seek?!

Be cautious and concerned about your creative carvings,
Rather your personal, physical cravings deviating you.

We have plagiarists to perverts all around the corner,
be studious as you wish to bring in your scholarly work.



Sober eyes subtly speak a lot while just that
you need a reader who reads well,
comprehends from the concrete core;
he who can beautify beyond its being!
I wish I could kiss those enamored eyes,
and liberate the longingness that it longs,
for knowing and. unfolding them better,
being amidst the devil and the deep blue sea!
He who sees beauty senses truth for sure!
That's the impression, the impact it impersonates,
for that's the only way out to seek truth,
and what you believe becomes beautiful!

What's figurative is a factual fact of beauty,
that which transcends as transience of truth!

Today's Quote for July 26, 2023:

" Penance and Poetry are a passion in their own pursuit!" © LAXMAN RAO
"Creativity is that fire, that rage, that spark of an ignited spirit!"


"When you lose your sight,
enable your insight,
When you lose your path
induce your Intuit!"


"You might have known the complexion
of an ego, while not its various shades!"

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A Blending of Poems and Quotes
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