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"Thinking Outside the Box"

In May, we held a prompt challenge for poets, and the theme was "Thinking Outside the Box." We asked writers what their perception of the phrase meant to them? How do they think outside the box? Do they use creativity, solutions or strategies? How do they use their imaginations? Do they step outside the boundaries? What does the "Box" represent to them? What do they think it symbolizes?
Is "Wonder" the bridge of their imagination? What ways help them think outside the box? We chose FIVE ENTRIES out of twenty-five that entered. HOW, WHY, WHERE? I've never lived in a comfort zone
Still, I am satisfied and without negativity
My life is an adventure
in which there is no fear.
My head is not a box
and I think without restraint and frame
and I realize it all depends on that
which is the side viewed.
The world is not complicated,
I saw it in a learning adventure
and enjoying the diversity of the day.
I don't consider myself superior
I'm just simple and happy.
Sometimes, my mind wanders
in some quiet daydreaming...
And so, I find myself creative
someone else will say, weird
or that I'm crazy...
Still, I believe in my ideas
diversity and change and division
I can reconcile!
It doesn't take magic or miracles
and when you get out of the box, you will see...
how, why and where?

© Author Sofia Dokic Sofke UNIVERSE The box is akin to gazing at the starry skies at night,
The box is this world where our senses can fathom its lights.
But if we dream and aim for those stars, we dream of something unique,
Our creative ideas would often be at the highest peak. The box is this earth revolving around the biggest star,
Where outside this world lies the beauty of the universe that was never that far.
Where we explore new horizons and we get out of our comfort zone,
Full of majestic colors and sites forever to explore and roam.

So you see, thinking outside the box is as beautiful as the universe,
We need to be out of this world to come up with out beautiful, poetic verse.
Explore the unexplored to come up with out creative works,
Satisfies the depths of our souls with the unique ideas outside the box.

© Rhoanne Lampacan Boado Philippines ACKNOWLEDGED BY KNOWLEDGE I walk a new path,
which is less travelled,
glowing the wisdom,
with fresh fragrance of independent mind,
I am challenged by its new chances.

It helps me from restraints.
It enriches my soul with bravery. It soothes my heart
with compassion,
it reminds me as a human being,
it shows me its sincerity.

Its path is not a suffocating labyrinth.
Its path ends up on the crossroad of humanity.
It gives me a hint of a clue,
be a wise teacher
to the great future leaders. © Emmelie M.
Indonesia THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX Right from the Stone Age days of the ancient
Down to this era of modern civilization,
It takes the mind that thinks outside the box
To bring about the desired positive change
That's transformed society through the ages
In each and every aspect of our daily lives.

Most times the popular thought pattern of men
Don't proffer solutions to the issues we face,
B'cos new results are not achieved by old methods.
Hence, men have to put their ingenuity to use
So they can effect new and unique inventions
That'll result in societal growth and development.

Franklin thought outside the box to discover electricity,
The Wright Brothers did no less to birth the "iron bird"...
Countless are the names that've done much the same
To make the earth a better place for humanity.
I'll think outside the box to bring about a change,
B'cos the thoughts within the box limits the mind!

© Akori Clement To think outside the box
I need to forget all of which I know
As what I know, it might be lost
I let my imagination flow
If I was not shaped
And told what's what and why
Then like two odd brothers
I could probably fly
So when I was asked for all things possible
Then I gone out and did it
Just because they told me NO.

© Kanisha Shah

"Thinking Outside the Box"
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