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"Kitchen Rules"

Written by © Leah Dancel Baking is the best thing for me to do when there is no net intruder at home. I have all the free time to think of being creative. Not in writing, but in other areas pertaining to the kitchen rules I devised for myself. One of which is: "Time is precious, use it creatively." Kitchen is the hub of my homey day to day activity. It's the only place where I spend most of my time outside the internet from preparing to cooking meals, baking and washing dishes.

My kitchen window faces the east where the morning sunrise greets me with glee. The trees are getting taller each day and I love watching the birds flitting about in branches, except this wintertime.

Sometimes, I entertain friends in this limited cubicle when the come around at random and I happened to be cooking. Though my place is small, my friends don't mind at all. They just enjoy my warm and cozy hospitality. Most importantly, when hunger strikes... "No matter where I serve my guest, it seems they like my kitchen best!"

"Kitchen Rules"
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