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"A Meeting of the Minds"

This morning, I had the pleasure of interviewing Hum Ale for ILA Magazine.

Hum is an active participant in our group, and I have always noticed his support and kind comments to the other artists. He has always supported me as well, so I want you dear readers, to learn more about this amazing writer.

First, here is a little about Hum:

A Banker and Investor by profession, Hum B. Ale is a Nepalese Poet and Writer who received a Masters Degree with Specialization in Finance from Tribhuwan University. He worked in the Asia Foundation and South Asia Partnership Nepal for Social Research and Financial Management for 11 years. He also taught business students in various colleges and is currently involved in Banking and Finance sectors in various capacities. He has published two books of English Poetry entitled 'The Moment' and 'A Journey Within', the latter having been published on Amazon. His poems have been published in various digital webinars, into Spanish Language in The Mexican Literary Magazine, ILA Magazine, in Delhi Post, India and in various International Poetry Anthologies. He's been awarded by the Motivational Strips for showing Literary Excellence at Par with Global Standards and Honorary Award "Universal Icon of 2021" by Universal Fraternity of Free Poets and Poetry Readers, USA.

The poet can be reached at Carl: I am also an investor and finance guy as well and wonder what brought you to writing poetry?

Hum: Yes, my field of professionalism is finance and investment. My childhood moments might be the reason that I've hovered into writing. There's always a sheer reminiscent of reflections that perennially instill me even while working, playing, traveling and making fun. And I love writing poetry especially when I get disturbed by something. It ruptures several fragments out of disturbances. When these fragments flow rhythmically along with a fine thread, I feel like it's hymn I hearken and find an eternal bliss.
. . . . .
Carl: Where do you get your ideas for a poem and what tools do you use in your writing?

Hum: There's always something to feel when I get clicked with something I come across. It's usually prompt as emotion or aspiration stirs me to write. Mostly, creation begins to shower with a string of reverberations when I travel by bus to some destinations. It's a free flow of emotions like I dribble the basketball in the court with my passion. I ponder in depth into someone's dream and find myself a protagonist in their dream. A Fisherman's song was written in Pattaya about a fisherman's dream to sit with a beautiful girl in a fine restaurant and bar with bourbon. Metaphor is the tool I use while writing poetry as it gives me mirth and ecstasy. I explore the mental image of something that embodies feelings and emotions.
. . . . .
Carl: If you could spend a day with your favorite poet, who would that be and why?

Hum: In life, I never went through a great work of the world's renowned poets like William Wordsworth, Sylvia Plath, John Keats or Emily Dickinson though I used to read fiction a lot during my college. I got connected with many poets across the world through the Social Media Platforms. I would love to spend a day with Pablo Neruda as some of the writers talked they found the vigor of him in my poetry. And Mary Oliver would be a favorite one to meet and listen too er wonderful work as I love the way she writes naturally. And, of course, there are few poets in Social Media Platform to be talked much about them. I'll definitely meet them when I embark on my journey to their places one day. The conversations would definitely enthuse me to delve deeper in the poetic journey. I feel inspired the way they write with the heart of joy and tribulations.
. . . . .
Carl: Social Media is an amazing tool for writers, how do you use this great platform?

Hum: Social Media by virtue of its endowment has been a miraculous gift for writers to connect with other prominent writers across the world and share their great work. Without it, one cannot even imagine how hard they have to strive to share their work in the world of digitalization. I use this great platform to share my work so that I could get the critical reviews from the most prolific and prominent writers from across the world.
. . . . . Carl: What advice would you give to someone just starting out on their writing journeys?

Hum: Just never give up even though they might feel resignations sometimes. It's not that easy in life to go over what we think should happen overnight. The moment when they feel a sense of drawing out something they get into, that's when they'll definitely be using it as a tool of self-drive. They should enjoy once they feel journeyed in the literary world.
. . . . .
Carl: Thank you for your time today, this is my last question. Ok, Hum, we just invited you into the time machine to see your future as a writer. Please tell us what you would like to accomplish as a poet in the next few years? Hum: Let me first give you the greatest thanks for giving me such a huge platform which is beyond my expectations. I'm enjoying a lot, writing poetry. It's fun as I explore and create a benign world to live in through poetry. I'm aspiring to become an icon in poetry, recognized by the literary world in the next few years.

Carl: Thank you so much Hum, we at ILA Magazine are here for you and wish you well in all you do. A Fisherman's Song
By Hum Ale I dream a bourbon with you Sitting at suite
Will you wave?
When I wait you under the azure sky
Riding boat this fisherman
With the old net
Your swaying hairs
That I saw for years Think like that's beckon
I swallow
The face
with a string of feelings
Reverberating over my body
Just to ride the moment
I have been hit
With your firm move
Towards this floating boat
Over the years
Of my longing
Yet never has it faded
I cherish One world Dreaming of you
In long evening
For I fish only
I can sell
Enough to get you
This evening
When a sea tide arrives
Here in this place
I think of the sea air
Caresses your fragrance
Little it might help
Me move for
A great tonight
I see sprinkling
A thousand pieces of this sea
Letting the moon witness
The waves of this unruffled Evening
With a first kiss under the starry night.

Photo below of Hum Ale. Photo of our Interviewer, Carl Scharwath

Carl Scharwath has appeared globally, with 150+ Journals selecting his poetry, short stories, interviews, essays, plays or art photography. Two of his books have been published, 'Journey to Become Forgotten' (Kind of Hurricane Press), 'Abandoned' (ScarsTv) and soon to be published book, 'Playground of Destiny' (Imspired Publishing). His first photography book was recently published by Praxis. Carl is an Art Editor for Minute Magazine, a competitive runner and a 2nd degree Black-Belt in Taekwondo.

"A Meeting of the Minds"
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