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Winter Moon

I venture out to test the nighttime swoon
That rests beneath the colder winter moon -
Its lilting songs of every dark refrain
Calling me not once, but times again.

I ponder all the stars above my place; Their thousand years of light upon my face,
And wonder now if this could be
An answer to the way she runs through me.

O, sweet, my winter moon, I beg of you,
Gather all my thoughts and send them to
The place where she is looking at your light,
The same as I am doing here tonight,

And let her read my heart from off your glow
About how much I still love her so And she, enveloped in your tenderness,
Will think of me as her fire on the crest.

Shining more today than I did when
We walked the winter timbrels of the wind
And played the stars our melodies of bliss To the towers of the moon with every kiss. This mandate of my heart I give to you:
No dreams repressed. And nothing less will do
But that you send her my deepest loving swoon
So she can find it in your winter moon.

~ for her ~ © Tom Kraft

Winter Moon
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