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Walid Boureghda

"THE DIVINITY OF LOVE: A Divine Institution of Love" A Prose Poem Your face shines like a full moon in a seagoing darkness, and my poetry roams in the stirring spell of your words, making me dive deeply into the beauty of your soul and heart. You have been reigning over my heart and my mind since the first day I fell in love with you. I am a bunch of paramours sea-roving on the ocean of illicit ardor, which was taken straight to a conscious oblivion through a sweet zephyr on the waves of craze. You are the queen of behest and an eternal instant of drunkenness. I did write for you, a myriad of poems that confabulation has never known before. In your eyes, there lies a mélange of an evidence of passion and a perennial spring poured in a melting pot of dreams; you are the sun that unfreezes the snowflakes and cleanses the heavens above with its rays of light.

You are a never-ending night full of sleepless pearling stars. In deepest kernel of yourself, there lies the genuine genesis and quietus of everything - You are the divinity of love.

© Walid Boureghda Quote:

"There is a gruesome silence inside of me willing to speak out; there is a reproaching confabulation issuing from my mouth willing to quieting down."

© Walid Boureghda I cannot but inhale a lovely breeze gifting me a soft breath and enchanting me with a symbiotic melody from the tunes of your voice when you speak.

The symphonies of Beethoven chant along with the wavering notes of your voice; when your voice touches the surface of my ear, I feel myself like dancing to its melody, and my heart cannot help yearning for your name when it beats.

© Walid Boureghda "Love is God's priceless gift bestowed upon us.
Love is a spiritual state of mind.
It is a state of mind that lifts us to the farthest.
It lifts us to an unknown level.
In love, we feel ourselves blessed, blessed to the uppermost.
We do feel that there is a white mass surrounding us,
that God is holding us tight in His arms, and that life is
more beautiful than it might be just a simple stopping place."

Saudian Author: From her Novel, "In December, All the Dreams Will Fade Away"

Translated from Arabic by WALID BOUREGHDA "Like Two Gleamy Stars"
A Prose Poem

My sweet darling shall give me straight from the abyss of her eyes, a woody dale of almonds. She is really going to gift me, from her juicy lips, with seas and oceans of honey and vanilla. She will seed, in the deep side of me, sunlights, seamy sands and craving seashells along the rosy bays of her heart. Right after a moment, we both have been risen up into the vault of heaven like two gleamy stars clinging the divine gracefulness of love. © Walid Boureghda

Walid Boureghda
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