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As the life-giving breath goes
Into my ever-heaving lungs
I get a new lease of moment
Just for a while it stays and
Hardly do I notice as it pumps
Out and disappears into nothingness
My eyes are closed softly and
The focus is between both eyes
All is dark, dismal and confusing
I hold and release my breathing
A rhythmic in and out flow
And a Rainbow appears amazingly
Just between my closed eyes
Prismatic colors and motley shades
As if some divine flow painting
Hues intermingling into one another
I'm bewitched an hypnotized
Something magically of the Beyond
And this Session continues for long
When I open my eyes it's Bliss
Full of tears of spiritual ecstasy
Meditation is the only Ultimate Goal
Whatever I did earlier was futile.

© Dr. Yogendrra Arrya

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