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Tuesday Afternoon Meeting of the Minds

Carl Scharwath's Interview with Oluwafemi Abraham. CARL SCHARWATH: I had the pleasure of meeting Oluwafemi Abraham, a poet from Nigeria. He was one of three "Best Entries" of a recent ILA Magazine Challenge in which poets used my artwork to write their poem. Congratulations, Oluwafemi on being one of the prompt challenge winners and I hope you enjoy my book which was the prize. I loved your poem and was happy to have selected you. My first question, if you please, tell the ILA readers something about yourself:
OLUWAFEMI OLUWADAMILARE ABRAHAM is my name, I am from the giant of Africa (Nigeria) and I was born and raised in Lagos State. A graduate of Lagos State University (LASU), I received a degree in Accounting Education. I was inspired by Barrister Olanrewaju Badmus poem some years back; I love the way he weaves words and makes use of the AA BB rhyming scheme. I started writing poems in the year 2017, which I posted some of my poems on PoetrySoup. Poetry is beautiful and it brings a smile to me when I am bored. CARL: Can you tell us about your journey as a poet? How did you get started, and what led you to this art form?
OLUWAFEMI: As I mentioned earlier, I started writing poems in 2017 and the journey was rough, tough and beautiful, all at the same time, leading me to the art form was the way "The Poetic Assassin" weaves his word through rhythm and rhymes.
CARL: Please tell us about your journey as a poet? How did you get started, and what led you to this art form?
OLUWAFEMI: Depression actually made me a poet because whenever I became sad, I usually used poetry to console myself to get better. I want my voice to be heard, words have meaning, and I want the world to know that every word is powerful and poets aren't just ordinary people, but spiritual beings.

CARL: Do you have any favorite poets or literary influences who have had a significant impact on your work?
OLUWAFEMI: Every poet is my favorite because their poems make a positive imact to the world.

CARL: Are there any specific experiences or life events that have profoundly influenced your poetry?
OLUWAFEMI: Poetry is beautiful and also a therapy that relieves me from depression.

CARL: My final questions is what do you like best about ILA Magazine and the ILA Group?
OLUWAFEMI: ILA MAGAZINE GROUP has proven to be a well-organized group with a bunch of talents, bring new words every week, anything Friday, Saturday and WOW prompt contests are amazing. The found and admins are doing great work.

CARL: Thanks again, so much Oluwafemi, we at ILA hope your journey in poetry keeps inspiring us. I wish you all the best and please keep us posted about your writing.

Adding spices like thyme,
To sweeten my usual rhyme,
I'm a chef because I cook words,
The aroma deserves an award.

Let me be a witch doctor that heals,
My word should be eaten like a meal.
I don't mind if my rhymes make you smile.
All you need is a strength to walk miles...

I could write about my adventure,
Poetry is just another creature
I'm not a poet but I cook words,
A town crier that deserves a reward.

© Oluwafemi Oluwadamilare Abraham

Tuesday Afternoon Meeting of the Minds
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