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Tomorrow, Send Footprints Back

I return again with the chorus: I go...
The birds this morning owe the sky a new journey
debt to the homeland, not a wheel to mend
The fog and wind from far away still lingers at home.

Dear country, I know
The moment of separation is like a ferry crossing
where people go sad, one person stays sad, two
May the marigolds stay in their clothes for Tet
sent to the door creak to keep a few more hours of
laughter and talk yesterday
Message with jam cake on spring day,
please slowly fade

Every year I come back and take away
a little bit of my hometown
A little love, a few simple packages
In my memory, there are even spring buds
that they have not yet bloomed
The sound of promises and farewells were filled along the way

I'm afraid of missing this tomorrow,
like a copper starling forever
far away from spring for countless eons afraid to forget the familiar shore
I will leave footprints tomorrow.

© Nguyễn Thanh Hai

Tomorrow, Send Footprints Back
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