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To The Cadence of My Life

I flutter the unfettered wings of poetry; into the sublime blue,
Painting my cadence with noetic words that carry my immortal hue.
I breathe in the shadow of poetic canopies; beneath the cerulean skies,
With arduous wings of soliloquy; the bird of my poetry flies.

The gaiety soul of verses; wafts though the sonnets sublime,
Shakespeare might have feted the joy of my unfurled rhymes. I beseech to the Muses from the divine havens of grace,
To bestow the glow of ardency on this crude mortal race.

In poetic lands of ambrosial dreams; Shadorma greets a smile,
And mates as Haikus walk along the fervent poetic miles.
Shenryu speaks of darkness laws; beneath the sullen skies,
Trochee cherishes the pristine rains as in winds it flies.

Rondel comes in royal attires to bask in the zephyrs of seas,
Allouette sings in melancholy in the gust of easterlies.
Haibun laughs at mundane arts with Haiku in his team,
They fete in the lands of eternal bliss beneath the tinseled beam.

The clown of the jocund eve; Limerick be his name,
Juggling with few words of wit; he played his bantering game.
Acrostic came with elfin words and assayed to pull them long,
Ode came blushing with a lusty smile and sang her dulcet song.

Beneath the clouds of ivory rhymes, poetries danced all day,
Celebrating the evening glory; they all had words to say.
Dwelling in the sulcus grooves of poets and logophiles,
They too gasp for open winds to explore the divine miles.

Let the words of subtle hearts build souvenirs of amour,
Let them cherish on poetic lands behind the aesthetic door.
Hail o poetry; hail in bliss, over the gossamers of mirth,
Tis thy day and tis thy land; beyond the mundane earth.

© Dipanjan Bhattacharjee

To The Cadence of My Life
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