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Three Thousand at Heaven's Gate

Poem is written by Barbara Suen. Barbara Suen retains all the rights to her poem. She is from Mishawaka, Indiana, USA. She is an internationally published Poet.
The YouTube video was produced/created by Mr. Alan Johnson in 2017, and narrated by him as well. Alan is from Manchester, England. Barbara reached out to me and asked if ILA could post her tributary poem in remembrance of 9-11. She mentions that this year, is the 20th Anniversary of this devastating tragedy on the Twin Towers.

On that day of 9-11, there were many heroes who died...The people in both twin towers who were working, the families that lost their loved ones, the first responders on duty and who volunteered and all the other people who decided to sacrifice their lives to help others rather than escaping the flaming heat and smoking dust....

Three Thousand at Heaven's Gate
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