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The Window

Written by Georgiana L. Gheorghe

Finishing his masterpiece after hours of work,
The poet leaves the comfort of his oaken chair
And goes to the favorite place of his study,
He nervously pulls the latches up, allowing the window to open.
A cool breeze caresses his sweaty face,
Followed by the warmth of the sun's rays,
A reminder of his loving mother's embrace.
He is grateful to the mountains for letting him cut some wood
To build his fairy tale house away from the noisy world,
Closer to Mother Nature, a good friend of the Muse.
Despite the many doors and windows,
None was more special than the office window.
Pine-scented with angels carved on its frame,
Stained-glass, whether opened or closed,
It reminds him that there will always be a window of opportunity in life,
He just needs to be brave and quick enough to act wisely.

© 09/2021

The Window
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