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There's more or sometimes less of what you think
the war isn't too much about the outer world.
Maybe the war is mongering or waging within you,
might be the mind is at logger heads, odds with you.

Assess, analyze, from where is this seamless struggle
stemming from, detect and drive its pivotal point?!
Don't yield to the urge to resist what life throws,
as you're being asked to speak with your conscience.

Observe your condition as you reprimand conditioning,
become aware of what's honoring and how the voice
is speaking out of your vision and envisioning the reformist,
giving permission to find peace in the present moment.

Drop it dead, deep down into where you delve in dementia,
even conflicts of consensus, allow and absorb in cognizance.

© Laxman Rao
Bangalore, India.

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