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The Transparent Window

Sitting solitarily beside the transparent window
Swimming in nostalgia and reminiscence of past
Deeming and flying on the wings of fantasy
Gazing at the window, thousands of imaginations
Stimulating my heart and dancing in my sight.

Materializing a crowd of feathered friends
Flying with delight, rejoicing independently
Leaping here and there, singing, always in commotion
But it's tickling my innermost feelings of nostalgia
Not possible to make my heart calm and light-hearted.

As it's drizzling and sprinkling in an awesome season
They are sleeping quietly in their own comfy nests
Nestling and slumbering freely and serenely
But I am lugubrious, drowning in apologetic ocean Not possible to curtail my anxiety, sorrow and torments.

Surviving as a flightless bird, undergoing refugee life
Not possible to rejoice and live peacefully like those creatures
As my flying feathers were torn into pieces, kept in cage like a bird
As it's a colossal obstacle and precisely apartheid
Utterly impossible to reach ultimate destination. © Mohammed Hamim

The Transparent Window
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