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The Sojourner

In my search for meaning -
I often wondered where is my place in this world,
Scanning the skies in a moonlit night
Marvelling at the cosmic chaos, the blinding light
Glancing at the eddies -
The vast universe before me, full of questions,
And the answers are yet to surface
The sojourner lost in oblivion
Hiding behind the shadows
Waiting for years of revelation
About the take steps in the next chapter of the millennium,
With eyes wide open, soul in deep reflection
The embers start to ignite
And yet the restless heart suddenly crashed and burned.

Greeted by the mystic twilight,
Asking the heavens for a Divine Guide -
The Sage said: "the answers will come to you."
That's the mystery of my own fragility,
A stranger with no home, a vagabond on the street of life
But deep in my heart I know
My Personal Legend will reveal itself in time -
Like a thief in the night, it will come to me in a dream
And then I'll be lost no more
The wanderer metamorphosed into a Divine Soul.

© Elizabeth Esguerra

The Sojourner
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