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The Sad Lovers

Poem Translation of "THE SAD LOVERS" Lovers
they have boundaries , loves
to survive, they create feelings - Ornella Vanoni They measure the uselessness compressed in the comings and goings
of the people, the sad lovers,
as if to justify the consistency of the days,
every day, the summary of a faith that crawls,
like the skin of bread, in its own fragments
where the habit disappears in a glass of wine
that quenches the shadows' thirst
and the sturdy expectations showing itself as the last body
that the shroud of dawn has washed.

They translate the meaning of the rest of the beginning
on rainy days, the sad lovers,
where life contracted into dreams,
and every dream a paradox and a father of the world
who gives up, as does the diagonal void in the chest,
at the end when they no longer recognize themselves in their gestures
and the coffee, sterile and soft, abstracts them from trouble and anxiety,
as if to forgive the distant and forgotten fruit of heaven
in the shelter of names.

There is no time, for the sad lovers, nothing passes and everything is lost,
the horizon intertwines the air, manipulates the shell of the heart
and expands the loneliness.

They recognize each other, the sad lovers, by the exact space that separates them,
their fingers in balance,
their posture at the present,
the complementary encounter,
neutral words,
and the detachment, no more no less, of the senses.

They are sick of pride under the ancestral weight of their content, the sad lovers,
And of moving, and inappropriate nostalgia.

© Davide Rocco Colacrai Bio:

Legal and Criminologist, Davide Rocco Colacrai, born in Switzerland in 1981, has taken part in Literature Awards for 14 years and has won over a thousand awards. Davide is the author of nine books, his last book, 'Della Stessa Sostanza Dei Padri, Poesie al Maschile', published in 2021. His poems have been translated into English, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Albanian, Greek, Chinese and Bengali. Davide teaches math, plays piano and harp, is a collector of 7 vinyls from all around the world (he has almost 2,000 pieces), enjoys reading and walks in nature with his dog, Mitty. He also loves to travel.

The Sad Lovers
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