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The Resurgence of the Emperor

The emperor has been petrified and mortified,
around the baleful backdrops
The ushering beam of autumn following heavy rain
nourished the frozen crops,
The dauntless journey on the horse,
over forests and oceans, has finally reimbursed
The crown of glory, from the annihilated queen,
awaits the unsubdued Emperor around the horde. The Emperor concatenated the crown with the paradoxical
events which precipitated the pomp
The witches, devils, and angels
settled loops of uncertainty with an ecstatic stomp
The golden crown embellished with jewels adorned
royal orchestration with his emergence
The mob, queen, and senators
acknowledged his journey and his prodigal resurgence. © Tuhin Ojha Bio: Tuhin Ojha is a graduate in the discipline of Information and Technology. Currently, he is working with an MNC and past jobs including his contribution as a content writer, multimedia content creator, computer science teacher, technical lead, senior consultant and campus ambassador at LIMUN (London International Model United Nations). He had an inclination toward writing since childhood and kept his literary interests intact besides mainstreaming his studies. His poems are diverse and have been published in international poetry forums and different platforms for the past several years. His poems in his mother tongue, "Bengali" , have been published as an independent book and have been highly appreciated.

The Resurgence of the Emperor
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