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The Princess With a Scar

Written by Sai Prakash Oh! Dear, my child, how pretty you are,
like a swan in a pristine pond.
Your wings of freedom, you can expand
and fly, to the farthest lands of your wish.
Exploring the skies, with avian eyes
your vision a bird's eye view, wider and precise
I saw your grim face today,
when you were looking into the mirror.
My dearest child, wait till it is night,
let the moon appear in the dark skies.
The loveliest of God's creation,
carries the wildest of scars on her face.
A celestial object that enthused all the bards
on Earth
writing lullabies of love, splendor and faith,
it is your nature that matters,
not the scars on your face.
Be merry and rejoice in what God gave you,
with Grace.
Oh! My Princess, you are your Mama's
priceless gift, in you, she sees her face.

© 2021

The Princess With a Scar
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