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Written by Imtiyaz Pandow

From predawn to dusk,
an empty stomach
of long fasts.

The remembrance of
Creator for all.

The empathetic approach
toward humanity.
The donation of
Sadqa and Zakat.

The endless recitation
of holiest verses
of Holy Quran.

The wait for Iftaari
to break the fast
with fresh dates and fruits,
with soul-cooling
elixir of Rooh Afza
and milk-soaked
seeds of Basil.

The countless blessings of Lailat-ul-Qadr, of Sahoor and Iftari,
of everyday and last Friday.

This practice of being consistent
for every good deed
keep burning the sins,
so ash-less!
As no traces left behind.

O' the Illuminator
of hearts,
We seek your guidance. O' the most Merciful! We seek your mercy.

O' the Most
We seek your forgiveness.
© Imtiyaz Pandow Imtiyaz Pandow is from Budgam, Kashmir, a postgraduate in Journalism and Mass Communication. He has worked with several local and national media organizations. Imtiyaz is interested in poetry and fiction. He is also the Web Content Editor of ILA Magazine.

Image of Poet and Web Content Editor, Imtiyaz Pandow

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