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Like the wind That at sea is birthed
Then blows restlessly
Over the undulating earth

From night to morn
I have been wandering
In a state of forlorn
Oppressed by the dishonor
I have deservedly reaped

As I look into heaven's eyes
So blue and so deep
You may wonder
What is my gloomy rant

You see, with my big foot
I carelessly, stepped on an ant. Tread softly, be kind and gentle to your environment. Love your fellowmen and all living things. Temper intelligence with righteousness. Do good deeds, for they are the best of possessions. Speak kindly and do not be harsh or insulting, for what you say, do or think is cooked up in the pot of Destiny. Let not your fate be served with the spice of retribution!

© Sher Chandley

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