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The 'Cleave'

Recently as of last month, ILA offered poets from our Facebook group, the poetry form of the 'Cleave.' The word itself defines both separate and together, to cut or meld. It also means to adhere closely. The poem consists of three poems in one by splitting each line in 2 parts. The first section, second section and combined section readings should all make sense and stand on their own, threaded together in a way that illustrates how writing and words can connect in contrast, to form new meanings. This particular form requires the poet to focus on line breaks and the meaning of each section as they stand on their own. So, in order for people to read more closely ILA divided each section with a hyphen so that you may observe and absorb the poems, better. ILA chose 2 poets to be featured out of the seven that pursued this challenge. SHADOWS UNVEILED Orison echoes fade - the silence sings Compathy embracing secrets, - a veil withdrawn,
Surcease in shadows - whispers cling. In moonlit dreams, - hopes foretold Starlit mysteries - mysteries behold, Aubade the shadows, - where dreams reside, Surcease of night, - where stars confide. © CONCETTA PIPIA
USA HOPE When surcease of winter proclaims - the dawn of spring Pushes its head - a whisper of joy all over shares Mood of mirth - and gives birth after a prolonged pause For winter buries buds all - to new buds and butterflies A carpet of greenery is laid - leaving the tattered rough Under the merciless boots of rush - marks the beginning of a new breeze. With new morning - the mourning is over For nightingales on limbs in orison - luring the brooks To nurse the floor - like compathy of a gardener Who forgets the loss - over on like a fresh aroma To heal the old heel - to lull in the lap gardener's aubade... © Mushtaque B. Barq
Kashmir, India

The 'Cleave'
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