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Still More of the 'Best'

"HOW OFTEN" how often have you looked up
in wonder and delight
admiring an illuminated
arching starry night

out across a cosmic ocean
of teeming sparkling light
while contemplating the proximities
of more life
beyond our sight

existing amongst every parallel galaxy
within those billions of blinking
tiny specks of white

so often do I wonder
have you ever wondered
about such mystical delight

© Danny Best "DREAMERS"

Dreamers are the true visionaries of humankind
often sharing their visions through Poetry and Song Lyrics
Our very own catalysts (if you will) for our personal
as well as our collective evolutionary journey

Celebrate the Poets
Celebrate the Lyricists © Danny Best "JUST A THOUGHT"

If you should find yourself
'am I really...really there
right there with you
of course I' am
there in your heart
and in your memories
no matter where in sleep I lay
if you'd really like to talk
but you feel there's nothing left to say
then please... please
lighten-up that heavy... heavy ...heart
I'm really ...really "only"
just a single thought away

© Danny Best

Still More of the 'Best'
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