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Something to Ponder

Thoughts of Parth Aasim Shaaz "FURTHER CHAOS"

Thy name is my
most enjoyable agony
As time falls for eternity.
Like the blood of singing owls,
Dries in and desires fading out.
Thy remembrance is
a wonderful torment,
a painful torment, I mean,
I am used to be
beyond restlessness.

© Parth Aasim Shaaz Going on
with the pain and agony,
I served myself
to the devil inside of me
And then,
the creator, the author,
the Almighty
handles every cell of mine.

© Parth Aasim Shaaz Nervous nights,
Days of bereavement,
Even that girl; I do not remember now,
But I can't forget her shamelessness...

© Parth Aasim Shaaz

Something to Ponder
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