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Some "Notes" and Other Poems

Some "NOTES" Unbiased innocently,
took me by hand softly
like Zephyr caressing the Sleeping leaves
down into the memory lane
where each grip was slippery
holding was a struggle tougher
I got tossed against drenched aura
I once had been there!
Long ago...
when we knew each other
by dictum of Brotherhood
peace, joy and reconciliation! Where "NOTES" sweeter would lull us...!
Into those crevices, I tried to stay
Hey...It was all a moment...!
Created by Angels Human
through their 'notes'
inviting and pulling...!!!
Such a pull!
An array of liquidity
commanded by Emotions Sanguine
made their way into the being
only to be rubbed off
by hands confusing
I wonder...
if memories make me !!!

© Raies Ahmad
Yes, but the ashes remain...
A melancholic display insane
The burns are live though
Agony utters the diction so
And early winter afforded end
To all gifts that does Spring send
My numbness knocks naked now
The universe stands but the love?
I gifted thee my springs all
And harkened each beat and call
Followed trails with tiresome ease
Sang of crickets, sang of bees
Did I fail a leaf to hold
In a fistful human mold?
What I gather now, a collective gain
FATHOMLESS BLUESOME BLISTERING PAIN © Raies Ahmad Open up my dangles, break my binds
In utter dark this soul itself finds.
Smooth my rough away, guide me through,
Lead me to that sense, where I human service do.
Enlighten my soul with bountiful grace,
Winds, storms, tempests, I alone cannot face.
Bless me always with presence feel,
Cobwebs worldly come difficult to deal.
Bless, Yes bless my thirsty soul,
Accept my pleadings, do listen to my call.
(Do...) © Raies Ahmad Anything if they say;
I'm short of everything...
Short of Expressions
How would I express
In Words more
or silence less
Or in Wavy Scribbles
Falls or dribbles
Or in lines Straight
or eight?
Take this activity inward
like folded wings of a bird
and taking every thought
into the Realms of Nought
and measure the immeasurable
with lengths available...
Are they?
wait a second...
I'm not telling you anything.
I don't have words,
or diction...
Anything can be a trajectory Rough
and it is not a pun or bluff
Let anything shut Nothing
Let Nothing be Anything
Let "Anything" be Veiled
In an envelope mailed !
Let everyone uncover
Second, minute and an hour
Let everyone behold
what the eyes could hold
and heart can purchase
what with love was sold...


© Raies Ahmad
Raies Ahmad, from the vale of paradise called Kashmir, opened up his eyes in the kerewas of Khrew where dewy mornings sing to Dew falling evenings, where the first rays of the sun do not miss kissing the dewy pearls and misty presence offering a secure refuge and where mysticism binds souls. At present, the poet sketches his inklings in Kashmiri, Urdu and English.

Some "Notes" and Other Poems
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