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From September 12 - 16, 2023, our ILA Magazine Facebook Group challenged the poets to combine both a SIJO Poetry form (consisting of 3 lines, each line written between 14-16 syllables, with a pause in the middle of each line. This particular form originated some time during the 14th Century in Korea, and usually written in romantic, spiritual, satirical or metaphysical themes.) ILA added a twist to the SIJO and in amalgamation, the poets were required to merge their SIJO with a MICRO PASSAGE in the same, relatable composition to their poem. Just about every week, we offer a WOW (word of the week) to our poets and most times poets are to apply at least one required word to their weavings. We are featuring EIGHT POETS out of 16 entries who truly created a blending by challenging their own emotions in thought-provoking, ingenious compositions. "A QUIESCED SOUL"

Darkness feeds on the world, turning peace into a quiescent soul
Yet, I quiesce under Him, the Painter of destiny
Not a cogent defeat to me, one who bears light within.
As the world is amidst chaos such as war, killings, hunger and other bad things, those who put their trust in God will find peace. Because the world can never give out peace since it is craving for peace, too.



Your charm crawled like a creeper, on anybody it could reach,
While I remained quiescent, fascinated by your adroit skills.
I couldn't match your speed, and got stuck where we began our journey.
Individual aspirations create indelible difference in perspectives and goals between two souls. You have to decide your priorities in life: your ambitions matter or your relationships! © KALUCHARAN SAHU India


Silence of the streams, quiescent tranquility shall abound
Terseness of serenity, cogent by resonating sound
Through an adroit ripple, flux sensibility just astounds
After a difficult day pf struggle, in order to stay afloat,
a refreshing relaxation is needed, understanding that it will
not be permanent and another life melee have to be overcome
in the wrinkles of time. © JOEL ABERNASOR


Is travail in the obtaining - or is it in the sustaining?
'Tis pain that trails after the gain, I dare differ, cogent:
For it must be death eked out, wherewith I'd be quiescent.
"There is, and it is known that there is."
"And so what?" Well, this: teleologically, knowledge is
subject to being; as in, one must first exist to then know
that they do exist. This means that in hindsight, all first
existed without our knowledge of it, uncaused (since
being is objective, subject to nothing; as in, we mustn't
first exist to then exist). So what then is creation?



Sunlight diffuses, heralding the onset of twilight's shade
Life metamorphoses, like the setting sun, we fade away
We turn to friends, who sparkle like diamonds and brighten our days

Our life goes on like the stages of the day. As we approach its inevitable afterglow,
we turn to friends, who make us burst into laughter, listen to our woes, and
enable us to overcome some dreary and quiescent hours just by being with them.
Their mere presence is cogent enough to brighten up the day.



The Autumn's breath baffled, trapped in between summer and winter
The Equinox appears, a chance for a cogent decision
Mother Nature halted for a while, quiescent in-between time
In life, one should not be tarry or be left behind.
After your cogent judgement, gather your strength
and reap your first fruits.



The moonlight dances on the waves, sparkling in the night's embrace,
Lonely seagull cries out, searching for its mate in distant skies,
Love's yearning echoes, across the vast expanse, a timeless grace.
In this quiescent moment, as moonlight caresses the waves,
love's whispers fill the air. Two souls, adroit in the art of connection,
navigate love's maze with cogent grace. In this sacred space,
solace is found, an eternal refuge for their hearts.



Between midnight and the break of dawn are quiescent moments
When our psyche adroitly floats in a cloud of subconscious space
Where cogent visions are bubbles that burst before we awake.

Midnight to dawn is the time when we are in deep sleep.
It's when our subconscious takes over our consciousness.
That is where dreams occur, but most of those dreams are
forgotten once we are fully awake.

© MYR REYES E. TEJADA Philippines

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