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The Sunrise Will Come The dark moon is getting ready to rest
After a long night strolling around
Now it is the sun's turn to do her best
Moon's eyes closed, almost forgetting her crown.

Some colored clouds painted on the blue sky
Delights my eyes and brings hope to my life
In life, if you don't see the sun, don't cry.
Have patience, success will come after a strife.

Sometimes, the moon hides behind a black cloud.
Don't be dismayed, its brilliance will be shown
Life is sometimes covered by a dark shroud
Smile, the sun will come, you're not alone.

Life has its ups and downs, don't feel so bad
Just move on, don't quit, just wait, you'll be glad.

© Dolores Lapinid
(Best Entry for Poetry/Art Composition) Painting above by Dolores Lapinid

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