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Seven Rounds

The heat was intense at Makkah. The grains of sand turned black from the heat of the sun.
Birds' throats were dry from thirst. Signs of rain were not visible in the distance.
The heart of the earth dried from lack of water. A worried mother held her thirsty, innocent baby in her arms. Placing baby on the ground, she began to search for water, running from one hill to another. She made seven rounds between both hills yet water was nowhere to be seen.
In between this time, she would run to baby, checking him from harm. Her baby's throat was dry from thirst and mother's anxiety was growing. Because of thirst, she began rubbing her heels firmly into the ground.
Allah's mercy came in excitement, releasing a water fountain, now called Zamzam water, a cause of blessing, ever flowing, the mother gently splashed water on baby, pouring on herself and drank afterwards, feeling calm, thanking Allah.

The mother was Hazrat Hajra (Allah be pleased with her) and her son was Hazrat Ismail (AS).
She performed seven rounds to quench the thirst of her baby. Allah liked it so much that He made it obligatory for every pilgrim and during Hajj, made seven rounds between two hills, namely Safa and Marwah.

© Muhammad Ishaq Abbasi

Seven Rounds
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