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Self Definition by Gerlinde Staffler

And time has come to show and trace
What thoughts cross your angelic face,
What contrasts, cool or weird,
Like in your euphoric heart.

Listening to the sounds in boiling depth
In secret places of my feelings breath
I will explore your profoundness too,
Diving into silence to dig out what is true.

Days witness from their very beginning
That searchers of knowledge are drilling,
To reach self consciousness in the well,
A point from where we can start to excel.

Thunder rumbles in awakening minds
Spring blossoms in lasting hearts
In each other's mirror ourselves we find
Self-definition takes chance to unwind.

A golden key to the realm of delight
Where reason and passion are not in fight,
Where real perception causes the effect
To give contours of homemade self-respect.

Self Definition by Gerlinde Staffler
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