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On February 10th, we offered a Rispetto Challenge to poets. A Rispetto is a short form of poetry, its origin is Italian, consisting of 11 syllables per line with a total of 8 lines. Though, 10 syllables per line is quite acceptable and most popular at present day. The rhyme scheme used is: ababccdd. And since it was a "Word of the Week" challenge, poets were required to apply the word, ACUMEN, into their Rispettos. We chose 5 BEST ENTRIES to be published here. "A Child with Wow Factor"

A little, sweet child always suffered strong chide
Daily study with planned schedule made child bore
To become destined one many times he tried
In the world of knowledge busy to explore
The loving child loved to be destined with grace
Had acumen and empty to embrace.
The child knew the ultimate destination
Being Human was real education.

© Dr. Vikas Kumar Sharma "Patience"

Acumen carries most ambrosial fruit
And so high I bear that thought in my mind
The time moves on to forever pursuit
Be fervid is never to be assigned
Buds sleep with the advent of gelid wind
Wow, there isn't even a shell or a rind
Defies all hardships with resilient peace
For one that believes moments to seize.

© Kawsar Khalil Valley of Kashmir "My Dulcinea of Dreams"

Oft I hear her dulcet voice surrounding me,
In dreams each night, her footfalls allure my soul.
Know not I; whose aubades as a symphony,
Tantalize my heart towards a cryptic goal.

My paintbrush hast many a time sketched her face.
With resplendence she's spelled an alluring grace.
She's a wow blest with an acumen divine,
Alluring my soul with her glorious shine.

© Dipanjan Bhattacharjee
India "Floral Thought"

In wow for a floral thought, I move around,
inquisitive ken curious to unfound,
the busy bees bustling and swirling surround,
while in its revealing - I am yet to found.

A reverberating incessant spirit,
I am, with creative acumen befit -
lost in the subconscious realms of resonance,
as sagacious sage strayed away in penance!

© Laxman Rao
Bangalore, India "Painting Sunrise"

Every evening I silently paint sunrise
On the canvas of my gloomy shattered heart
That's how I calm myself amid fall and rise
In the sufferings which never get apart

Yet I don't feel imprisoned into the gloom
Nor I try to chase the moments have been gone
Because I draw the acumen hopes to bloom
In the next beautiful, gracious rising dawn.

© Fatima Z. Sarah

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