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Pother and Quixotic

Chosen from a recent Word of the Week Challenge on July 26th, we asked poets to apply the words (above) into a poem 8 lines or less. Below, our best entries picked. There was sedition in the air, the truculent troops lay bare.
Tumescent bones and weary cries, sight of smoke and teary eyes.
Alas, the battle raged again, twenty thousand fighting men.
Quixotic hopes and dreams subside, the pother of their thoughts collide. © Tony Carty
Dublin, Ireland SULTRY NIGHT

A sultry night and everyone is in their effervescent mood.
The atmosphere somewhat in disarray with men and women rather getting loquacious
It must be the cocktails they can't stop helping, with one sip too many
Too exquisite, perhaps, to their connoisseur taste
That one round deserves another so to speak
The social circle amongst the elite is becoming a POTHER-some nuisance
Lo and behold, on uninvited guest suddenly appears
A QUIXOTIC figure of formidable affluence has silenced the crowd.

© Leah Dancel

Crossing the long stretch of the highway
Is a big headache for drivers during the day
Some hard-headed ones want it their way
Thus a pother erupts and that causes a delay

Be patient and slow down with your tempers
The traffic jam can't be eased like dying embers
Some have quixotic minds that create a mess
Feel that they own the road and want to impress. © Dolores Lapinid Marikina City, Philippines KALABAISAKHI (NOR'WESTER) Quixotic Pother, makes us bother in hot afteroon,
Creating whirlwind gets uprooted all like balloon
As if the goon repugns to show off the loon
To capture power and property by hook or by crook, soon.

Quixotic Pother, is of a boastful and arrogant person
Blowing one's own trumpet with no reason,
Roars high sounds with thunder in dry season,
Nothing but rains a little water for arson.

© Prasanna Bhatta
India The Perfect Poem

The quest for that perfect poem
where words sashay in the leaves of stanzas
figures of speech cling to the branches
is a journey delightful in its pother

Truly, this is a quixotic adventure
for poetry, like life, thrives in magical nature
it leaps from the blank pages of each passing day,
scattering crumbs of joy along the way. © Rosemarie Miranda
Dipolog City, Philippines Pursue Peace The rationale among soldiers within the battlefield were Quixotic peace
Dreams were shattered with their rage of truce to ease
Sacrificing their life bound for heroic deeds
But is it worth to kill the enemy, to pother the best surving needs

We can pursue peace without guns and bombs to explode
So let us not permit war with political fame collude
Rather embrace humanity of brotherhood with God's kingdom promises
Find the truth to live in the abode of everlasting happiness.

© Concepcion Macuto Biñan City, Philippines this was many years back aeons of space stretched in
haggard blue
forged in many dreams
since then
riders in a pother
of dust and darkness
neighing of horses
and dying men by the sword
its glint matching
your eyes
in a quixotic renewal
of our vows
we held on
we loose
ourselves again in
many different

© Amitabh Mitra
East London, Eastern Cape

Pother and Quixotic
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