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Poetry of Anwar Rahim

AUTUMN MUSE Lovely red and golden leaves Reminds me of my love, within I weep
Sweetheart join me, my heart waits in subdued appease
Else we shall miss these beautiful Autumn scenes.
Gentle scents in air, its fragrance floats in harvest breeze
With rustling sweet sounds, beauty reigns supreme by colorful leaves
Every passing moment, Fall waves goodbye to branches of the trees
Making colorful beds under arboreal with ease
An Autumn romance in sunny days, moonlit nights, passing by, survive the Winter freeze
Spring arrives with new buds, blooming flowers everywhere, seen.

© Anwar Rahim.
The Girl Child

A gift from the Almighty, Eve, mother of mankind
Sweet baby girl, looks pretty in colorful dress
A pretty daughter, loving sister or a lovely wife
A caring mother, keeps the home well
Creating a happy family, a responsible society
And in education, a sign of progressive generations
A woman is the sign of sacrifice and resilience
A fighter on the battlefield, and at home front
A sign of loyalty, integrity, of high moral values Most important of all, of respect. © Anwar Rahim.

Poetry of Anwar Rahim
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