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Poetry Feature of Shafkat Aziz Hajam

I am a bulb, thou art my filament.
How would I glow without thy attachment?
O thou ignite me inside
And the glare goes outside. But for thee, I can't be incandescent. © Shafkat Aziz Hajam Why thou hast blocked my way o white,
To reach the spot where I could light
'n heal wounded 'n glum heart?
Thy this act more pains brought
To me, though thou art an alluring sight. © Shafkat Aziz Hajam Shafkat Aziz Hajam is a children's poet from Kashmir, India and the author of two Islamic poetry books titled, as "The Cuckoo's Voice" and "The Canary's Voice". He co-authored the Wheel Song Anthology from UK and the Litlight Anthology from Pakistan. He also writes Limericks and poems for adults, too.

Poetry Feature of Shafkat Aziz Hajam
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