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Poetry Feature of Ahmad Yasir


It seems you are from heaven,
it is true, O little white Angel!
So soft light but hidden,
your heart is a temple.
Like the sun, shine on the earth,
happy and hopeful, when I see you.
Like a rosebush, pure from birth,
sad and sorrowful, when you are blue.
In dreams, we were watchers.
The life you lived so ample,
pain and pleasure you could get,
I piously pray in your temple,
the dreams you wish I evaluate.
I love your smile and tranquility
for your eyes, I write love poetry.
Your looks are the music of the life,
one glance simply fades all the strife.
Supreme minds,
Singing birds,
Sorrows of love,
Moaning of dove,
Secret feelings, Sweet seedlings,
In dreams we were listeners.

I saw a red rose,
Kind, mild, so tired.
She is brightly spring,
The red bird hovers highly,
Sings with a soft voice.
The rose decorated with more fresh flowers,
The bird plumaged with tender multiple-colors.
The queen of the garden,
Sweetest lips,
Red tulips,
The bird wishes to find a little gate,
To be a gatekeeper.

© Ahmad Yasir Dhain.

O Friends! Four faithful,
why are you silent?
Shakespeare and Keats,
Coleridge and Yeats,
you are silent, I know,
like them, I will go.
It is a pleasurable peace,
each one wrote a great piece.
They rest in a pleasant sleep,
silence and stillness so deep.
It is a terrible tranquility!
For the masters of poetic society
In love, two are unfortunate,
third, dreamy, the last fortunate.
Love unsatisfied, unfulfilled,
genius inspired, recognized.
The words eternal,
the silence magical,
the memories green,
the times are gone,
stars are your names,
bright, are your dreams.
My pen bleeds with scripts,
he shines with vivid thoughts.
They feed the world with delights,
I saw them aglow as superior sun lights.
They are simply sweet and sensitive lovers,
the earth's orb is brightly rich with fresh flowers.
Let me stay in my world!
Let me have a different sky,
you are great, but not I.

© Ahmad Yasir Dhain A ROSE IN RED

I dream of a rose dressed in red,
she shines and sits on a green bed.
I send her the winds to whisper,
I know springs of love flow,
pleasures and looks grow,
sweet smile and gentle gait glow.
She walks with two-scented flowers,
She talks in a twittered talk,
She looks at the union of the leaves
and the sprigs, as two true and gathering lovers.
Love is in heart as an art,
I can read her attractive eyes,
full of silent peace and noise,
as two great and heroic epics.
Two red lips are two red tulips,
I kept in shyness like a cloudy sky,
Love has different letters,
unknown and strangers,
land of pleasures,
ocean of painful tears,
vale and evil disease,
elements of life.
I wish to be together,
in love, as two doves forever.

© Ahmad Yasir Dhain

Ahmad Yasir Dhain, birth on March 28, 1981, is a contemporary Iraqi poet in English. He was born in Dhi-qar (a city south of Iraq). From his early childhood, he was well educated. His parents were illiterate, but his brothers and sisters were well-educated. At the age of 17, he was interested in Literature and imagination. He studied English at the University of DHI-QAR, graduated in 2004, and then started his career as a teacher and a poet. He has great talents in writing poetry since his college days. He has worked as a teacher of English in one of the secondary schools in Dhi-qar. In India, he studied English literature, American literature and published his first collection of poems under the heading of "Osculation" .

In 2011, he received an M.A. in English Literature from Baba Saheb Ambedkar Marathwada University (Maulana Azad College of Arts, Science and Commerce).

Poetry Feature of Ahmad Yasir
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