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Poetry and Passages

You are, unending trail, living footsteps of your ancestry. So walk on and leave your visible prints on the soft and dry sands of life. Carve your name in symbols of your totems on the stratified rocks of your own existence. Paint your breath on the barks of the tree of life and head on. String your lamentations into songs and poems of memories. Step hard on those sole splitting thorns, let them split your flesh, lick a fingertip of your blood as it oozes into the soils that brought you forth. Spit at the disgrace of the ones who refuse life. You are a long, visible trail...that the storms and whirlwinds of life can never bury. The ebbs of troubled waters cannot wash your name away. And you cannot be blanketed under the corrupted veil of darkness. You are the fountain of light. Trail on! © JahArt Kushite "Be optimistic in all your endeavors and you will definitely end up thriving." © Ababio Sylvester Owusu My Pen Speaks Poetry

My pen speaks poetry
Words of deep passion and feelings
Confessions and goals
It is an unburdening
of my heart, mind and soul
To write out all my frustrations
Express the beauty I see everyday
My pen speaks poetry
In its own special way. © Donna McCabe LET US BUILD A BRIDGE

Let us join hands together and make
A solid bridge of peace and love,
To stem the tide of hate currents,
Churning the silently-flowing, calm
And contended, river of life.

Let us hold hands jointly and firmly,
To make this world a safe habitat
Worth - living, for the distraught humanity,
Where the survival of human values,
Remains an agenda of utmost importance,
For the ruling classes of the countries
World over;

Let us show solidarity in times of
Crisis, and in protecting our poor and
Downtrodden brethren; let us prove
To be the eternal torchbearers of good
Values which sustain the human race.

Let us bridge the gap of every kind,
Mankind is waiting for our response!

© Rakesh Chandra ABOVE THE SKYLINE With natures blessings a paramount flourish
Burgeon scenes being captured in moment alluring
A magnificent gift from heralding heaven
Creates petrified feelings of bliss and sublimation.

The fullness of life with its subtle minks
Vision comes a reflection of great links.
Fluvial intense with intensive hues it brings
Like a heavenly touch that lights a covenant

Columns of hues appease to men's eyes
Flashing breeze catapulted like soft skin nigh
Grim extant holds on in silent emotion
Swaying of trees dancing to the tune of perfection.

The complexity of universe becoming unrestrained
Captivates mind and hearts that venerate
Concept of reverie and rejuvenation brigns
Envisions in hearts of who possess irenic mind.

It's enchanted beauty flourishes benign
It advocates life with tempestive sight enhance
Illuminates its enchantment flow of immensity
Of cheerful affinity to a burgeon world of liberty.

© Zenaida Laragan Taloza (Painting below, by Zenaida Laragan Taloza)

Poetry and Passages
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