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FEATURED POEMS and QUOTES OF WISDOM ISAH True Love Will Come Along Don't force yourself into someone that has already
locked the door.
You are only hurting your heart by doing so.
Find your own path,
and true love will come along. © Wisdom Isah "LADY DIVINE"

All eyes in the world fixate on her stage,
As her footsteps hit the sandy shore with a dramatic flair,
Mesmerized by her captivating beauty's rage,
the sea stare with graceful glare,
the sunbeams mediate on her skin with raw emotion.

Stars watch in amazement with a veil of silence so serene,
trying to capture the depths of her glittering gleam,
the winds, thrilled by her ecstasy's fire,
blend with the sky,
playing tunes of hidden desire.

A spectacle of splendor all around her,
joy and love in bursting wrings,
on the grand piano of heavenly whispers,
she caresses the new world, vibrant and fresh as spring,
radiating crystal elegance indeed so rare!

© Wisdom Isah "WITHIN YOUR SMILE" Do not let depression's river pull you under,
Instead, let your soul swim in the seas of healing.

Do not reside in the prison of regret,
or read lines that color your world with sadness.

There is hope beyond the pain and strife,
Joy to be found in this very moment of life.

And within your smile lies a precious gem,
Just waiting to shine and light the way for them.

© Wisdom Isah "THIS IS THE DAY" This is the day
to bid farewell to the painful thoughts that write you a song every morning,
to the heartbreak that still break your bones,
to the tears that tear you up some nights.

This is the day,
to sleep in the gentle arms of angels,
to experience the tranquility of everlasting serenity,
to envision a future where beauties kiss endless possibilities,
and love fills your lungs with celestial grace.

© Wisdom Isah Though we are apart,
I still sleep in your World,
I still feel your breath in my sleep,
I still hold your hands in my dream
I still carry your moon in my sky...

© Wisdom Isah "IN THE SPOTLESS OASIS OF YOUR IMAGINATION" When you find yourself in the web of chaos,
remember to thrive with the flames of positivity You shall leap beyond the slippery mountains
carry the sun to the promise land
melt the depressive hand of sadness
When you become your own cheerleader
in the spotless oasis of your imagination.

Nothing is stronger
than the heart that lives
despite the broken leaves of pain
shattering the inner beam of peace.

© Wisdom Isah "ONYEKA"

Her beauty is the reason things never fell apart,
even the goddess of the moon travels to the day to count her steps.

Old men tell folktales about her beauty,
They say "She is a fortune teller"
with the way she unravels the things that men think.

Even the wind dreams about her.
They sing about her flawless smile,
like a drunkard searching for his way home.

Her beauty is redemption.
Young lads become born again
as she cleans the sins in their flesh
like fresh palm wine kissing the lips of Kings. © Wisdom Isah Wisdom Isah has been recognized for his exceptional ability to craft heartfelt and inspiring pieces that touch the soul of his readers. Over the years, Wisdom has emerged as a force to be reckoned with, in the poetry community and has gained a following of loyal fans who appreciate his unique style and message. With a passion for poetry and a commitment to using it as a tool for positive change, Wisdom continues to. inspire and uplift through his creative expression.

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