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Poems of Nasser Goudarzi


I hear the whispers
of the waves
as they crash against
the shore...
They seek me out
and call me in...

The sounds
and echoes
capture pictures
of an eternity that
the eyes can't see...
But I can feel...

They take me
from my tender years
the agelessness
of life...
ever evolving,
permeating all that
will ever be...

I'm always a child
in the eyes of the sea,
lost in curiosity
and awe,
found in splendor
and love;
Intent on outgrowing
my years...

© Nasser Goudarzi PLEASE HELP

Don't thank me
for the little acts
of caring
that come naturally
to me...
They're carried out
without expectations
of return,
for the fulfillment
of my own soul..

Just show me how
they've ignited
your own compassion
Let that flame
help light
the dark corners
of the world,
and spread the love...

Such wondrous
no matter how small,
would be
the ultimate gifts and
cherished rewards
to me...
That's all I that I ask...

I'm all in, for spreading
the pandemic
of goodness
that heals, mends
and restores this
troubled planet...
one kindred soul
at a time...
Please help...

© Nasser Goudarzi

Poems of Nasser Goudarzi
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