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POEMS by AR Arman

I Am Not Alone

I pass every night without you.
I feel you in my dreams everyday.
In my relaxed soul,
I feel you in the smoking
because I complete this time
I feel
I am not alone.
The Old Man

When his wife is dead,
he goes to her grave for visibility every night.
He knows her peaceful love. He always carries asunder flowers
He always goes without shoes because he is crazy for her love he just feels her soul has a heart
and also remember her bravery, her certainty.
Then he feels relaxed
when people ask him to his circumstance,
he smiles and says,
"The world is unfaithful, remember that." The Burning Civilization
(For Hayat Mirza)

We can't discuss about the society.
Everything is perfect
but in our life,
you can't avail my scalded words.
Some words discuss to your faith in loyalty.
But fears we have in our hearts
when we come to your memoranda,
we write everything to your soul, we burn candles to your blood and, remembered your smile,
delighted your charming face
but fears will be gone.
We still can't discuss about your blood
because I can't express your faithful dream
when you observe me too deeply.
Please forgive me because we are also burning in this circumstance. The Wilderness

They disappeared her flower because he knew the truth of truths. Everyday some flies came for it because he knew the flavor of truth but one day casually, indocile flies came in that garden and destroyed that flower and gone to wilderness. About the Poet:

Asghar, son of Umeed as famous by his pen name, aka AR Arman, is a student of Balochi Literature Department at the University of Turbat. He is a passionate literature lover based in Turbat City. Arman is a Balochi poet mostly writing Balochi Ghazals, prose poetry and beguiling poetry on different topics from love, death, revolution, rights and justice to name but a few. He sporadically also writes Urdu and English poetry.

POEMS by AR Arman
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