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Photography/Poetry Composition

THE FELINE Striped like a little zebra
Powdered with silver dust,
The warrior stands at the entrance
of the small building lured by
the overwhelming scent that brought her there.
"Mmm, what wouldn't I give to taste
a morsel of the delicious fresh nourishment,"
she said, greedily looking at the fish on display.
Remembering the lessons she learnt from Zen.
Stealing wasn't in the code of honor,
it will bring more harm than good.
Listening to her inner voice,
she sits on the cold floor
waiting for fate to open the door
to a new opportunity.
As the people were coming and going,
hunger was constantly growing
to the point of pushing her to
subdue to the hunting instinct.
But she didn't want to be a thief,
the solution was to stick to her belief.
Minutes, hours pass,
her patience was wearing thin.
What could she do?
Fate answered the question
when a little girl's fingers
gently caressed her soft fur
soothing the beast within.
The pleasant sensation would have
made her enter dream land
if the tempting scent didn't wake her up.
Tears ran down her cheeks at the sight
of the piece of fish in front of her.
Knowing her manners,
she doesn't eat it in a rush,
being grateful to the benefactor
for having a heart of gold.
"We finally found our good luck charm,"
the fishmongers thought,
watching her in silence.

© Georgiana Gheorghe

Photography/Poetry Composition
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