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Photography submitted in a recent Friday offering presented to both
multitalented artists and poets. Below, "Best Entries" chosen ILA
displays in this special feature. Photography by Imran Kashmiri from Pakistan Photography of Mónika Tóth from Romania, titled: "Just a Beautiful Summer Day" Photography of Bogdana Gageanu from Romania: "Chickadees" Photography of Gus Perez Amio, Philippines: "Meeting Halfway" Photography of Dr. Yogendra Arya, India: "Foggy Lake"/Tawang, India Photography of Fatima Z. Sarah, India: "Sunrise Under the Pond" - A foggy morning at countryside in India Photography of Cherrie Facun Dancel, Philippines: "Moon and Flowers" Photography by Dr. Gita Mohanty from South Carolina, USA:
"Color Change Transition in Japanese Maples from Summer to Fall",
created on Pic-Collage.

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