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You are not present, yet here and there we are two wet, soaked lovers PESHAWA KAKAYI TRANSLATED BY: DALIYA RAOUF You are not here, yet; in pigeons cooing you sing your blues for me.
I am not there, yet; under the thin wings of bats
I sing melancholic melodies for you.
You are not here, yet; in the garden you harvest flowers
And whisper to the pigeons to carry them to me!
I am not there, yet; together with bat in a poem,
I have come to roost under your house eaves,
to listen to your laments.
You are not here, I am not there,
Yet; we are two grieving lovers,
Two inseparable wet wings,
That cannot fly without each other. Garden and Gardeners

Peshawa Kakayi

Translated by: Daliya Raouf ** 1
Unless the flower was awake at the break of day
The gardener didn't open the rendezvous doors for lovers.
The flower began to bloom, but soon it sneezed and did fade away.
The gardener was not able to discern petals from tears.

In the mornings the gardener cleans
The dust out of the flower petals face,
When they're dustless,
Delicately the flower manifests its grace.

While the gardener was laying
In the shade of a tree to doze,
The flower withered and
The garden put on a yellow cloth.

When the gardener is asleep,
The grass calls something to play flute in hiding.
When the gardener is awake,
He is stunned by the flower, to the grass it is chanting.

Oh please!
Flowers! Grass! Trees!
The gardener reads Zarathustra's quote "good words, good deeds, and good thoughts"
To the garden,
Thus, you realize how you will be born again,
After departing!

It seems like God
cleaned the dust on the flower petals minutely.
With few os his dewdrops
He formed clay delicately
With a breath, it became a living soul,
So the dust on the flower petals is the origin of mankind whole.

When the garden senses the melodies,
The grass dances and
For them, the gardener chants!

The garden has green blues,
At the end, its beard turns yellowy,
Besides, the flower is the garden's offspring,
At the end, it will be a wild offspring likely.

The Poet, Peshawa Kakayi, was born on 4/19/1984 in Qaladze, Kurdistan region of Iraq. He graduated from the Political Science Department of the University of Sulaimaniyah. He writes in many literary appendixes in Kurdistan. He owns eight books of poetry and writes poems in Kurdish. He has translated poetry into several languages. Below, are a list of his publications. 1. Residue of Breaths, Poetry Collection, 2008. 2. I am, I guard flowers, poems, 2011. 3- Garden- Your Love, Poetry, 2015. 4. From the house of aunt Khunche house, I went to Saeed's son-in-law. Open text. 2017 5. American letter with the flavor of poetry, Novel poem, 2018. 6. Africa and the earth with the flavor of poetry, poetry, prose, narration. 2018. 7. Cosmology, Poetry, 2019. 8. Rebuilding the light on the return of Zoroastrian Ahmed Mala . Investigation. 2020 9. Immortal path. Poem-Book. 2021 10. Poetic thought and language imagination, about poetry, 2021. 11. Ocean and Antarctica with the flavor of poetry, Open text-Novel poem, 2022 12. Through the Window, I Look at Nali’s Donkey, Poem-prose, 2022. 13. Shiraz letter for Fatana Khadmfars, Literature 14. Return of Africa, cover 1, 11 books, Novel poem

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