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Let me share my memories, those of my childhood
Where I spent my life in glee and splendor
On the countryside, where nature abundant was my friend

Distant hills appearing in mist, those flowing
Rivulets, leaving silvery streaks
Laden with dew those gigantic greens
Soothing the eyes at break of dawn
Shimmering sunlight, glowing gold
Oh! What a sight, etched deep in blissful minds

Those cattle hooves, raising dust,
Chiming bells hung from their necks,
Shepherd's songs filling the air
In search of pastures green, they proceed in line
Only to return on dawning dusk

Greetings and wishes from the old to young
Sitting on the benches they enquire,
Tones filled with
Love they exchange
Where else can we find such a sight
Pastoral love filled to the brim
Overflowing thoughts, flooding my mind.

© Sai Prakash

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